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Wunderkraf’s paper cutlery kit – knife, fork, spoon, with a recycled napkin. Strong, stylish and sustainably sourced.

– Silky smooth mouth feel
– Strong, ridged design
– Light & feels great in hand
– Perfect for hot and cold food
– Made from sustainably-sourced paper

PLEASE NOTE: Given price is for sample only, final price will be discussed, Courier charges will be paid by buyer.


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Paper Cutlery Set

Our Cutlery

Introducing Wunderkraf's versatile paperware set, encompassing a knife, fork, spoon, and napkin, an ideal accompaniment for both hot and cold dishes. From savory pasta to comforting soups, this set caters to all culinary delights, promising convenience and sustainability. Crafted from multiple layers of premium paper, these utensils boast sturdiness and reliability, ensuring a seamless dining experience.

The unbleached napkin, derived from recycled paper, adds an eco-friendly touch, perfect for tidying up post-meal. Each set is thoughtfully packaged in a paper wrap, reflecting Wunderkraf's commitment to reducing environmental impact. Recognized for its excellence, Wunderkraf's paperware is celebrated for its innovative design and exceptional quality.

Engineered for industrial composting and crafted from recyclable materials, it embodies the ethos of sustainability in every aspect.

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  • 1X 158mm Paper Spoon
  • 1X 158mm Paper Fork
  • 1X 158mm Paper Knife
  • 1X 30*30 Single Ply Napkin
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